Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to a wide variety of western mountain birds. Several species like Gray Jay are near their southern range limit in the park. Woodpeckers such as White-headed, Pileated, and Black-backed are also found in the park. Osprey can be found near lakes and rivers in the region and Northern Goshawk call the forests home.

The summit of Mt. Lassen can produce Gray-crowned Rosy Finch. Also, species such as Clark's Nutcracker, Cassin's Finch, Red Crossbill, Sooty grouse, Mountain Quail, and Stellar's Jay can be found in the park.

Directions: From Hwy 5 and 99 north of Sacramento, take either Hwy 44 from Redding or Hwy 36 from Red Bluff and turn onto Hwy 89 which runs through the park.

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