Southeastern California Birding

Salton Sea Joshua Tree National Park

In a land of Joshua Trees and desert below sea level, Southeastern California Birding offers such species as Cactus Wren, Scott's Oriole and Vermillion Flycatcher. Less numerous species such as Yellow-footed Gull and Wood Stork are seen in this area in select locations like the Salton Sea.

Salton Sea
The Salton Sea is home to many wintering waterfowl and unusual vagrants. Species like Brown and Blue-footed Boobies, Wood Stork, and Magnificent Frigatebird sometimes show up in the area.

Joshua Tree national Park
Joshua Tree National Park provides home for many desert species like Scott's Oriole and Gambel's Quail. Joshua Tree "forests" and Palm oasis provide for a wide variety in this dry region.

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