Carrizo Plain

The Carrizo Plain National Monument is an area of well preserved grasslands and rugged hills providing home to many threatened and endangered plants and animals. During winter months, areas like Soda Lake can provide hom for many waterfowl. California Quail, Mountain Quail (restricted to some of the higher areas) and Chukar can be found in the area. Golden Eagle and Burrowing Owl also live in this area. Other species of interest are Mountain Plover, Lawrence's Goldfinch and California Condor (released nearby).

The area of Taft to the east of the monument is home to a population of Le Conte's Thrashers.

Directions: The plain is located off Hwy 5 (to the west of Bakersfield) on Hwy 58. Roads such as Soda Lake and Elkhorn head south from 58 into the Monument. Taft is located just east of the monument and south of 58 at the intersection of Hwys 33 and 119.

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