Central California Birding

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Living in central California myself, this is probably the region I know and enjoy the most. The region can produce such specialties as Yellow-billed Magpie, Tricolored Blackbird and Mountain Plover. Thousands of ducks, geese, swans and cranes winter in areas like Cosumnes River Preserve and Merced NWR. Flood and Waverly roads produce species like Burrowing Owl, Ferruginous Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk and Merlin.

Merced NWR
Merced NWR is an excellent place to see thousands of waterfowl in the winter. Species such as Snow, Greater White-fronted, Canada, Cackling, and Ross's geese and Sandhill Cranes winter here in large numbers. Raptors such as Bald Eagle are also seen here. Merced NWR

Cosumnes River Preserve is home to many wintering waterfowl including thousands of Sandhill Cranes, migrating songbirds and wintering raptors such as Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon.

Sacramento NWR
Sacramento NWR provides habitat for thousands of wintering waterfowl including Snow, Ross's and Greater White-fronted Geese, and Tundra Swans. The refuge is also home to Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon.

Kern County
Kern County supports a wide variety of birds. With the convergence of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mojave and Great Basin Deserts, and the Central Valley, the region is home to birds such as Scott's Oriole, Summer Tanager, Sooty Grouse, and Pinyon Jay.

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