Northeastern California Birding

Klamath Basin Lassen Volcanic

Birding northeastern California can be very rewarding. The volcanic Cascades provide home to species like Gray Jay, Williamson's Sapsucker and Northern Goshawk. Sagebrush plains are home to Pinyon Jays and Sage Grouse. The Klamath Basin has one of the largest wintering populations of Bald Eagles in the country. All these things make birding in this part of the state incredibly varied.

Klamath Basin
Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges are home to one of the largest concentrations of wintering Bald Eagles south of the Canadian border.

Lassen Volcanic National Park
Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to a variety of mountain species including Gray Jay, Clark's Nutcracker, Sooty Grouse, Pileated Woodpecker and Black-backed Woodpecker.

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