Western California Birding

Pinnacles National Monument Panoche Hills Big Sur

Western California Birding provides opportunities to see birds such as California Condor and Lawrence's Goldfinch. Rugged shoreline along the Big Sur south of Monterey in the south to saltwater marshes bordering San Francisco Bay in the north to chaparral covered hills in the east, this region provides alot of variety in birding.

Pinnacles National Monument
Pinnacles National Monument is characterized by its rugged peaks and oak-chaparral covered hills. One of the major attractions here is a reintroduced population of California Condors that is relatively easy to see. Pinnacles

Panoche Hills
The Panoche Hills that border the west edge of the San Joaquin Valley south of the Los Banos area offer some of the more interesting birding opportunities of this region in my opinion. Easy viewing of Long-eared Owls at Mercy Hot Springs and the possibility of species like Golden Eagle and Greater Roadrunner, make this a very good birding location.

Big Sur
Big Sur: This area of rugged cliffs and dense forest provides habitat for many seabirds and is home to a reintroduced California Condor population.

Big Sur

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